How do you create high standards of professionalism within an organization where not a single person is paid for their work?

Yapay Bolivia has cracked the code.

It’s by having projects that really impact and improve lives—for this charity, it’s the lives of poverty-stricken women and children in Bolivia.

Yapay Bolivia draws talent to itself by adhering to strict, self-imposed principles of impact and accountability: the projects work and endure.

Volunteers stick around because they see what they do actually makes a difference.

As an example, Yapay Bolivia donated new hospital equipment to the Hospital Japones last year with the condition that each vitals monitor and infusion pump be tracked to ensure proper use and maintenance. This required the hospital manager, Junior Franco, to work closely with hospital staff and the foundation to create an entirely new reporting system. Mr. Franco reported that, after ten months using the new system, the additional work has been worthwhile because the hospital benefits from the data generated by the new system.

Rachel McDonald, a volunteer intern who compiles and interprets data Yapay Bolivia receives each month from the hospital, has been with the organization for nearly two years. She sees that her efforts are making a difference.


Yapay Bolivia is launching a new website thanks to another brilliant and talented volunteer intern, Derek Larsen. Explore the website; learn about Yapay Bolivia’s completed and ongoing projects.



Deven Curtis, another exceptional volunteer intern, writes content for the foundation, including donor reports. His writing shines a light on disparities between health care and education in Bolivia and the United States, and what this charity is doing to bridge that gap.



Josh Jensen, a talented videographer, produced spectacular new videos using Yapay Bolivia’s original footage, without any remuneration for his efforts. These inspiring videos, found throughout the website and on Yapay Bolivia’s youtube channel, are an intimate look at Yapay Bolivia’s projects.



Bethanie Knighton, our newest intern, is preparing grant applications, focusing on foundations who seek to improve the lives of poverty-stricken women and children.



Yapay Bolivia raised nearly $50,000 in 2017, facilitating major hospital equipment donations and construction of a security fence for a home for abandoned children.

Thus far in 2018, we have purchased an ultrasound machine for a rural clinic and built new housing for abandoned children.

We hope to raise at least $75,000 before the end of the year. This will be used in 2019 to purchase more life-saving hospital equipment for hospitals serving poverty-stricken women and children in Santa Cruz, finance the cost of a new employee at a day-care for children of destitute Quechua children in Sucre, support building projects at a home for abandoned children in Cochabamba, and purchase medications for poverty-stricken women and children in Potosi.

We thank our generous donors for what they’ve created–for the safe environment and housing given to the children and adolescent girls at the Ciudad de la Bondad, for lives improved and saved by hospital equipment donated to the Hospital Japones and the Centro Medico Humberto Parra, for patients treated by medications given to the Hospital Daniel Bracamontes.

Yapay Bolivia needs monetary donations. Join the good that Yapay Bolivia is doing. Give a little more. Donate today.


Ariane Dansie
Director and Secretary/Treasurer
Yapay Bolivia Foundation

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