Why not make Yapay Bolivia’s mission your mission?

In November 2017, I came across a Yapay Bolivia video on Facebook, and am so grateful I did.  Though I have never been to Bolivia, and never heard of Yapay Bolivia, this video drew me in.  Here was a group of people making a huge difference in the lives of underserved individuals, one targeted project at a time. I watched as they visited hospitals, children’s homes, and clinics, delivering much needed equipment and supplies, and saw the reactions of the people they helped.

Wow! It was easy to hit the donation button.  Where else does 100% of donations go directly to fill needs? I then sent the video to my family and friends, and posted it to my Facebook page.

But I wasn’t finished with Yapay Bolivia.  I kept returning to their website, re-watching their video, and wondering what projects they would do next. Soon, it struck me that Yapay Bolivia’s mission can be my mission! I can keep supporting them with donations, and watch the results.  When they buy chickens for a children’s home, I can know that I helped buy those chickens.  When they build a security fence or buy ultrasound equipment or provide the salary for a teacher, I can be a part of that.

Being an artist, it wasn’t long before I found myself making small paintings of Yapay Bolivia projects.  I wanted to highlight the impact their work has on individuals and to honor some of their Bolivian partners.  This was a first for me in two ways.  One, I had never painted nurses, a nun, crutches, a vitals monitor or a cholita’s bowler hat!  Two, I had never created and donated an entire group of work to a charity.  But why not?  Perhaps these paintings can help raise funds for future Yapay Bolivia projects.

And next year?  Well, I think it’s high time I visit Bolivia.  In the Spring, I’ll head for Sucre, Bolivia, to draw and paint with the children of Musuq Sunqu, and develop some collaborative art works.  You’re welcome to follow along on my Instagram:  @jacqui_larsen.

And you? Why not make Yapay Bolivia’s mission your mission?  Donate, spread the word, check back to see the results, then “Give a little more!” This is a great place to be.

By Jacqui Larsen


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