Donate Hope

The Yapay Bolivia Foundation is excited to launch the #cobraranimo (#donatehope) campaign through which we seek to lift and inspire Bolivian healthcare workers during these challenging times.Unlike past Yapay Bolivia campaigns, we are not soliciting money.  Instead, we are soliciting hope.

The COVID-19 situation has been especially difficult in Bolivia.  In the Hospital Japones in Santa Cruz, for example, there are only two doctors left working in the emergency department because their colleagues have contracted the virus. They switch off twelve hour shifts, not just fighting the virus but mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion as well.  Yapay Bolivia has donated life-saving medicine and hospital equipment, including PPE, to hospitals serving the poor in Bolivia.  Through the #cobraranimo campaign, Yapay Bolivia seeks to uplift healthcare workers in Bolivia through hopeful messages.

To participate in #cobraranimo please record a video (less than 60 seconds) of yourself and whoever would like to join sharing words of encouragement and hope.  If you speak Spanish, it would be great to hear your message in Spanish, but English is fine—we will subtitle it for you.  Or, if you are short on time, a simple video of you saying “gracias” while holding one of our campaign signs (see below) would be very appreciated.  Your clip will be combined into a larger video for medical workers in Bolivia to remind them that they are not alone in this fight. 

We look forward to compiling your messages of hope into a final #cobraranimo video for the healthcare workers in Bolivia.


The Yapay Bolivia Foundation

Download one of our pre-made signs below!