Yapay Bolivia was born out of love for the people and culture of Bolivia.  Yapay is Quechua for “give a little more.” The founding board members received much from those who took care of them while they were missionaries for their church in Bolivia.  Wanting to give back, these women founded Yapay Bolivia, a 501c3 public charity, in 2016 with the aim of alleviating the effects of poverty for those who suffer most from it: women and children.

Yapay Bolivia does this by supporting in-country institutions and programs, with a special focus on access to healthcare and education for women and children.  Yapay Bolivia has partnered with in-country experts and professionals to ensure that projects are sustainable, including developing an innovative reporting and auditing system for hospital donations, and volunteer auditing projects and donations.  Yapay Bolivia would not function without its Bolivian partnerships.

Thanks to many generous donors, Yapay Bolivia has made a measurable difference in the lives of poverty-stricken women and children in Bolivia.

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The Board

Sara Fisk

Sara Bybee Fisk cherishes her eighteen months spent as a missionary for Bolivia and feels a deep attachment to the country.  She taught elementary school for four years in Utah and Texas after graduating from BYU. When she's not homeschooling her five children, she volunteers with Lifting Hands International helping to settle and mentor refugee families.

Cindy Searle
Vice President

Cindy Champion Searle earned a B.S. in Education from BYU and holds a graduate certificate from the U of U in Teaching English as a Second Language.  Cindy lived in Bolivia for a year and a half and has a great love for the people of Bolivia. For several years she has volunteered for Days for Girls, a public charity providing hygiene kits to young women in various third world countries.

Randi Johansen

Randi Johansen's love for Latin America started early when she spent high school summers volunteering in Tijuana, Mexico for the Los Ninos program. She served as a missionary for eighteen months for her church in Bolivia where she developed deep relationships with the people.  She also taught English language classes to Spanish-speaking adults in Boston with Catholic Charities.

Ariane Dansie

Ariane Holtkamp Dansie was a missionary for her church in Bolivia and loves the people and culture of that country.  She is a tax attorney and estate planner with the Salt Lake City firm Durham Jones & Pinegar. She works extensively with nonprofit organizations to help them achieve their charitable goals.  She hopes to introduce her three young children to Bolivia some day.

Our Team

Rachel Young
Project Manager

Rachel served as a missionary in Bolivia where she grew a deep love for the Bolivian people and culture. She’s been with Yapay Bolivia since April 2017 and is grateful to return to Bolivia to help the people. Rachel is a Pre-Medical student at BYU studying Physiology and Developmental Biology.

Derek Larsen
Public Relations

Derek is fluent in Spanish and has a BS in Public Relations from UVU.  He’s organized the assembly and delivery of over 500 hygiene kits to refugees in Sudan and loves to help those around him.  He’s loves working with Yapay Bolivia to help bring relief to those in need.

Bethanie Knighton
Development Coordinator

Bethanie learned Spanish while living in Bolivia for over a year. Her time and experience in Bolivia lead her to major in Spanish and minor in Pre-Health. She is currently attending Brigham Young University and aspires to go to Physician Assistant School after graduating.

Alexa Ballard
Public Relations

Alexa Ballard fell in love with the Bolivian people and culture while serving there for 18 months as a missionary for her church. She is studying Public Relations, Spanish and Social Impact at BYU and hopes to work in the nonprofit field. She loves Yapay Bolivia and the impact it's made in the lives of those in need!