Musuq Sunqu and Tikarispa

Musuq Sunqu and Tikarispa are nonprofit daycares and before- and after-school programs for children from poverty-stricken families in Sucre, Bolivia. Many families come to Sucre from rural Bolivia seeking for employment opportunities. Most of these children struggle with Spanish, as Quechua (a native Bolivian dialect) is their native language. Musuq Sunqu and Tikarispa not only provides a refuge for these children but also a place to learn Spanish, keep up in school, and receive full and balanced meals.

In 2018, the Yapay Bolivia Foundation used donations from its generous donors to fund an additional teacher’s salary for Musuq Sunqu and Tikarispa. Musuq Sunqu hired Silvia, who now teaches a kindergarten class. In June 2018, the Yapay Bolivia team met Silvia while visiting Musuq Sunqu. She has been an amazing addition to the school and continues to help the organization grow. In 2019, Yapay Bolivia funds similar individuals at Tikarispa and values the hard work and dedication of the caring workers at these programs. In total, Yapay Bolivia has assisted in funding salaries and food, and has continued to support the teachers in any way needed. These programs help children succeed academically and adjust to their new lives. The children feel safe and loved at Musuq Sunqu and Tikarispa while participating in a community of care and success. Most recently, Yapay Bolivia assisted these programs with COVID-19 related expenses and supplies, in addition to food needs.