Ciudad de la Bondad


The Yapay Bolivia Foundation alleviates the effects of poverty for children who have been orphaned, abandoned or need a place to live while their parents are incarcerated.  Yapay Bolivia is working with the orphanage Ciudad de la Bondad to ensure that such children have access to housing, schooling, job training, and nutrition. 





Ciudad de la Bondad, Spanish for “City of Kindness,” is located just outside of Cochabamba.  There, homeless children are grouped in “familias,” and are cared for by women known as their “mamas.”  




They go to school and do homework, learn to cook, garden and do chores. Most of these children are trauma victims; because of the love, structure, and programs at Ciudad de la Bondad, they are happy and progressing. Ciudad de la Bondad has an on-site therapist and provides the children with regular medical care. 




With no government assistance to support them, the residents of Ciudad de la Bondad rely 100% on charitable donations and their own means of self-reliance.  They sell produce from their garden in local markets, eggs from on-site chicken coops, and bread they bake in their own bakery, all with an eye towards self-reliance and sustainability.




Because of the rural setting of the Ciudad de la Bondad, kidnappings and security of the site had been a problem. Thanks to generous financial donors, the Yapay Bolivia Foundation hired Choice Humanitarian, another Non-Profit operating in Bolivia, to construct a security fence.  




The Yapay Bolivia Foundation also provided chicken coops, chicken, and significant additional construction on the existing residential building to increase the capacity of the Ciudad de la Bondad to house additional children.  The foundation hopes to continue its support of the Ciudad de la Bondad.