Ciudad de la Bondad

The Ciudad de la Bondad (translated as “City of Kindness”) exists to provide a refuge for orphan children suffering from abuse or abandonment. The organization is run and staffed entirely by women (known on the site as “mothers”), including an on-site therapist.


These women care for the children, offer them regular medical care, and teach them life skills based on a self-sufficiency model. Most of the children in the home are trauma victims, however because of the love, structure, and programs at Ciudad de la Bondad, they are happy and progressing.  

The Ciudad, in its desires to expand its capacity, expressed the need to finish construction on one of three on-site residential buildings. In 2018, with the help of a large group of volunteers, funds were donated, and the final residential building was completed.



Additionally, home appliances were purchased using donated funds, including a refrigerator, washer, blender, six-burner stove, cookware, dishwasher, sinks and fixtures, all drastically increasing the Ciudad’s ability to house and care for more children in need.

Because of the rural setting of the Ciudad de la Bondad, kidnappings and security of the site were a problem. Thanks to generous financial donors in 2017, the Yapay Bolivia Foundation oversaw the construction a security fence, offering protection and peace of mind to the children and staff.  


Chicken coops and chickens were also provided, aiding the Ciudad to continue its self-sufficiency model. Yapay Bolivia is proud of the progress many of the children at Ciudad de la Bondad have made and hope to continue support the Ciudad in the future.


Lupalaya is a small town on the banks of Lake Titicaca outside of La Paz. It is also a community that nurtures an orphanage full of children that need permanent care and some who need intermittent care. There is a place for each of them thanks to the generosity of our donors and our partnerships within the community.

We provided the funds and worked in partnership with Choice International to provide a framework for the construction of much needed dormitories where children can stay, a new expanded kitchen for hot meals, and a place to study. The community members stepped up to donate much of the labor and some of the materials needed to improve the situation for these children in need.