Centro Medico Susan Hou

The Centro Medico Susan Hou, located several kilometers past Montero just off the road from Santa Cruz to Cochabamba, provides agricultural workers and their families with primary medical and dental care otherwise unavailable to this under-served population.

Established in 2001 by two Chicago physicians, Drs. Susan Hou and Mark Molitch, the clinic is funded by these generous doctors with some limited support from other donors.  In September, 2017, Sara Fisk and Ariane Dansie, directors of the Yapay Bolivia Foundation, visited the clinic with donations of medications, baby blankets, and Days for Girls hygiene kits.

Yapay Bolivia partnered with the clinic to purchase a much-needed portable ultrasound machine so that poverty-stricken patients won’t have to make the two hour journey to Santa Cruz for basic diagnostic medical testing.