Hospital de Niños

The Hospital de Niños, located in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, is the only public hospital for children of poverty-stricken families in the broader Santa Cruz area.  The Health Minister of Santa Cruz alerted Yapay Bolivia to the needs of the hospital, and Yapay Bolivia has since made multiple visits to and established several contacts in the hospital.  While patients at the hospital are under the care of competent and well-trained medical professionals, the quality of care is severely limited due to lack of appropriate equipment.


The purchase of a radiographic scanner for the Hospital de Niños would increase the quality of care and alleviate a portion of the financial burdens placed on the patient’s families.  The hospital uses antiquated x-ray film. The lack of digitization prolongs treatment and affects patient outcomes, especially in emergency cases where the fragile lives of the children depend upon rapid responses.


Two international nonprofits are constructing a unit at the Hospital de Niños for patients transitioning from the Intensive Care Unit to the main floor of the hospital.  The Yapay Bolivia Foundation hopes to equip the new unit with life-saving equipment, including infusion pumps and vitals monitors.